Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jewish Author Lauds 1920s Catholics as Lonely Heroes in Opposing America's Sad Experiment with Eugenics

Nathan Cohen's 2016 Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck is reviewed at the 2016 Virginia Festival of the Book.  The whole video is a must see.

Cohen, a former ACLU lawyer, points out villains galore...his former employer, a Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Progressives, Suffragettes, Conservatives, Darwinists, Preachers, Capitalists, and especially Politicians and Lawyers.  He does not shrink from mentioning the DIRECT connection between American Eugenicists AND  Hitler AND the Nazi's policies.

Finally at 38 min 35 Sec, when asked if anyone had tried to stop the American Eugenics craze, the author relates that "The Catholics were, largely, the heroes of this story....."

Please listen to the entire segment...but really tune in at 38:35!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why elites hate RUSSIA

(St Petersburg SEP 2016)

Let me give you a hint:  It's about the MAN on the banner.  The Russian Orthodox Church is booming and that nauseates them, the elites.  Russians gave up  Communism for........ this?!!
Our government and media must try to quash this news. Although it might play well with American atheists to know our government is picking a fight with Orthodox Christians, it definitely would not do so well with many on the American Religious Right.  Most of them think Russia is still exporting atheism. How else can our experts  keep  hillbillies stirred up about Russia and keep on beating the War Drum? SHHHHH!!!

Sometimes--however-- the truth seeps out. Earlier this year CNN really did let their guard down....listen the young man at 1:55 of the video.....

its all about abortion, homosexuality, education and museums

The above portrays the culmination of a July 2016(correction 2017!!!!) pilgrimage in Kiev which Ukrainian Nationalists unsuccessfully attempted to block. They viewed it as a Kremlin Provocationhere too.  This year's was even larger! BTW those Ukrainian Nationalists are the same people that our media and REPUBLICAN politicians  are backing against people like those in the photographs.

see some more of Putin's provocateurs  :-)
(Look! it's the guy that hacked Podesta's email!)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kneeling talks to a blogger about what's driving Catholics away from Church

  • Catholic in Brooklyn recently posted.....
  • self-righteous trads are the cause of Church's crisis

        1. CIB<<
          Dear CIB,

          I agree with *most* of what you posted. But...You paint a very dark picture of the pre-consular Church. Unless you want to paint all of the Church's history in the same dark color, don't you need to at least point to some point where the Good Church went bad? I've been listening lately to some of Michael Davies' (RIP) and Charles Coulombe's lectures on youtube lately. Both of them are of the mindset that the problems we now see were already present in the 50's Church, i.e. there were many scoundrels hiding out, biding their time. By scoundrels, I am referring to clerics who loved the good life the Church provided them but who did't really accept Catholic Faith and/or morality.

          Do you think the Church ever had it right before Francis? or are you saying that the scary, hypocritical Church of your childhood (which you described) was pretty much the rule before him? I ask in sincerity. 
          1. The Church has always had it right. The writing of the saints tell us that. The fact that the Church has survived down through the centuries, The teachings of the Church. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ - how could she ever be wrong? I am talking about individuals in the Church who had it wrong. These are individuals who obviously never came to a true awareness of their sins and the great mercy of God.

            I was just reading recently that our sins affect not just us but the entire world. Ireland is a prime example. The sins of the nuns and priests there destroyed not just their faith but that of so many others so that Ireland, once so Catholic, has actually become apostate in so many ways.

            But I take hope in that most beautiful verse in the Bible that says where sin abounds, grace does much more abound. And I believe that is the message of Pope Francis. The Mercy of God can never be defeated. We see that on the Cross.
          2. CIB>>>>What was really driving these Catholics?
            From one who lived during those times, I can tell you that the main motivation was fear....For far too many Irish Catholics, the Church did not mean the love, mercy and forgiveness of God. It meant only fear and oppression...despite the sad, abusive legacy of the Church in many parts of the world,....<<<

            Dear CIB,

            I don't see your statements above jiving with you telling me "the Church has always had it right". Seems like you think the Church had it way wrong back in the 60s. (and you seem to imply that with Pope Francis, the Church finally has it right).

            It is kind of ironic that His Holiness --hailed for not judging any sexual sins-- is very judgmental towards "creed-reciting parrot Christians", "rosary counters", "Catholics that breed like rabbits". Sadly, it looks to me like his judgmental attitude rubs off on those who are fans of his. They look down their noses and feel free to pass their own judgments on whole classes and generations of believing Catholics.
          3. You are determined to find fault with my statements, and with Pope Francis, so there really isn't much I can say. Your comments here reflect the same attitude that you have shown in previous comments - you have very specific ideas about the way things should be, and if something or someone doesn't conform to your ideas, you do not stop to reflect on whether you might be wrong but instead make immediate judgments on the other person.

            There is little doubt in my mind that you would have rejected Jesus Christ for hanging out with sinners and showing them mercy and compassion. Your idea is to point out people's sins in a judgmental manner and iif they don't immediately conform to your ideas, they should be judged and condemned. Yet the only ones Our Lord ever publicly condemned were religious people. Why do you think that is?

            Unless and until you can answer that question, you will never understand Divine Mercy, and you may be cutting yourself off from that same Divine Mercy which is so vital to salvation.

            It must be so hard to be Catholic and hate the Holy Father.
          4. << Have you nothing to say about that?<<<

            Dear Lady,

            I think that the first sentence of my first comment was a virtual pat on the back for most of your post. I apologize if it wasn't sufficiently big.

            You are correct in intuiting that I don't see Francis as the greatest Pope ever. Great popes do their homework. Our current one doesn't seem to have read, let alone absorbed, much of what his predecessors have written. Otherwise he wouldn't be thinking that he has the authority change Catholic teaching on things like divorce or homosexuality or the heresy of indifferentism.

            We have had our share of lackluster and even evil popes. I don't believe there's anything uncatholic in believing that.

            As to me not understandingGod's mercy, you are 'spot on'. 'no angel of the sky can fully bear that sight!'. I doubt I will never comprehend it!

            I think we both should pray for one another.
          5. I deleted my comment because I realized that you had written you agreed with most of what I wrote. I apologize.

            Many, many *traditional* Catholics despised Pope St John Paul II as much as you and many others despise Pope Francis. Now, of course, John Paul II is a saint, and these same people who adamantly opposed his papacy and canonization now laud him as a great defender of the truth.

            I state unequivocally and without apology that Pope Francis is one of the holiest men to sit in the Chair of Peter, and that is without denigrating any of his predecessors. You mention his statement about *rosary counters*. Are you aware that Pope Francis, despite his busy schedule, says three rosaries every day? How many do you say? Do you know he spends an hour in adoration every day? How much time do you spend in adoration? He constantly pushes the Sacrament of Confession, giving us the public example of going to confession, and speaks often of hell. I have given just a couple of the many, many, statements he has made about the love and mercy of God, doing all he can to draw people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

            One day, Kneeling Catholic, you will eat your words of condemnation of Pope Francis.
        2. Dear CIB,

          First of all I wish you a happy and blessed Easter!

          2nd and lastly, I wish you would reconsider some of your statements about me despising or hating or condemning the Holy Father. I do pray for him often. Perhaps I have actually written something that leads you to jump to the conclusion that I hate him? Anything in particular?

          I don't think I am required to listen to his name-calling and conclude that he is non-judgmental. You are right that our Lord condemned many religious people. But weren't most of those people religious leaders? The examples I gave were where Francis has focused his scorn on the laity, as in where he ridiculed the Argentinians who greeted his election with a bouquet of rosaries.

          >>>but it concerns me; when I was elected, I received a letter from one of these groups, and they said: “Your Holiness, we offer you this spiritual treasure: 3,525 rosaries.” Why don’t they say, “we pray for you, we ask…”, but this thing of counting… And these groups return to practices and to disciplines that I lived through – not you, because you are not old – to disciplines, to things that in that moment took place, but not now, they do not exist today<<<

          How does the above not contradict Francis self-avowed devotion to the Rosary? Where is he telling us how he really feels? That's a good question.
          1. You really don't understand what *Pope* Francis was saying (you don't like to address him as Pope, do you)? As I wrote, Pope Francis has a great devotion to the rosary. He says he was inspired to say three rosaries every day by Pope John Paul II. And certainly he loves our Blessed Mother, having dedicated his papacy to her, and even bringing the statue of Fatima to Rome to consecrate the world.

            If you honestly don't know what Pope Francis was talking about when he says "counting rosaries", then it will do no good for me to explain it to you. But I will give it a try, anyway. Although I know you won't accept it.

            Counting rosaries is very legalistic. For anyone to say the exact number of rosaries they prayed (3,525?? Really????) is the same as the Pharisee who said see how good I am, I fast twice a week, I tithe, I do all these great things. The publican didn't even feel worthy enough to lift his head, but could only say, I am a sinner. As Jesus said, who do you think came away justified?

            This really is the point of my post - being holy is not about what you DO. It is about who you ARE. Far too many people think that if they DO the right things, they will BE the right people It's just the opposite. Change is from inside out.

            Think about it.

            Again, I will state, Pope Francis (and it would be nice for you to address him with respect) is one of the holiest men to ever sit on the Chair of Peter.
        3. Dear Lady!

          What in the world? You now have a rule that I must refer to Francis as Pope Francis every single time I refer to him? I don't not do that for Benedict XVI, nor Leo XIII nor the sainted Pius X. In this string, I have referred to Francis as: Pope Francis, His Holiness, Holy Father... You are only seeing what you want to see, ignoring what doesn't fit into your narrative.

          regarding counting rosaries:
          I can't understand you to be saying anything other than when the Pope counts the rosaries he prays every day and tells us about them....that's not legalism. When the laity do it it is. That is a contradiction. Counting is counting. If the Holy Father is against counting Hail Marys, I'm curious as to what method he uses to know when to say his Glory Bes!!!
          1. I am not answering any more of your questions because you are not looking for answers, but only an argument. Please see my quote above from St. Therese.

            God bless.

  • Monday, March 27, 2017



    In 1999 Donald Trump proposed a one-time 14% net worth tax on people worth 10 million or more.
    I think he was on the right track!


    1.It is the billionaires who forced us to redefine marriage
    2. It was the billionaires Harrimans, Rockefellers and Carnegies who brought us eugenics back in the day.
    3. it was the billionaire Rockefellers and Fords and multi-national companies which funded Hitler and Stalin and then profited greatly from .WWII
    3. It is the billionaires who finance population control
    4. It is the billionaires who  push  abortion
    5. It is the billionaires who push atheism

    Lastly, it is the billionaires who admit they are under-taxed.

    We know what they do if they have too much money on their hands.  They attack us.  They attack God.  If the billionaires have less money, then they can do less harm.

    Trump tax on the rich
     election 2000
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    Trump proposes massive one-time tax on the rich

    By Phil Hirschkorn/CNN

    November 9, 1999
    Web posted at: 6:24 p.m. EST (2324 GMT)

    NEW YORK (CNN) -- Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has a plan to pay off the national debt, grant a middle class a tax cut, and keep Social Security afloat: tax rich people like himself.
    Trump, a prospective candidate for the Reform Party presidential nomination, is proposing a one-time "net worth tax" on individuals and trusts worth $10 million or more.
    Framing The Issues
    By Trump's calculations, his proposed 14.25 percent levy on such net worth would raise $5.7 trillion and wipe out the debt in one full swoop.
    The U.S. national debt decreased by $9.7 billion in September but remains at $5.66 trillion, according to the latest U.S. Treasury figures.
    The net worth tax is the cornerstone of Trump's economic plan released Tuesday morning.
    "No one has put forward a plan to make this country entirely debt free as we enter the next millenium," Trump said in a written statement.
    "The plan I am proposing today does not involve smoke and mirrors, phony numbers, financial gimmicks, or the usual economic chicanery you usually find in Disneyland-on-the-Potomac," Trump said.
    Trump would exempt the value of an individual's principal home from the net worth total.
    "By my calculations, 1 percent of Americans, who control 90 percent of the wealth in this country, would be affected by my plan," Trump said.
    "The other 99 percent of the people would get deep reductions in their federal income taxes," he said.
    Eliminating the national debt would save the federal government $200 billion a year in interest payments, Trump said. He proposes to earmark half the savings for middle class tax cuts, and the other half for Social Security.
    Trump said depositing $100 billion annually in the Social Security trust fund would generate $3 trillion "over the next 30-years, when the trust fund is scheduled to go broke" and instead keep the fund "solvent through the next century."
    The tax also would lead to the repeal the current federal inheritance tax "which really hurts farmers and small businessman and women more than anything else," Trump said.
    Trump, whose own net worth is an estimated $5 billion, says the wealthy would not suffer if his economic plan were enacted.
    "Personally this plan would cost me hundreds of millions of dollars, but in all honesty, it's worth it," Trump said.
    Trump predicts his debt elimination combined with his tax cuts would trigger a 35 to 40 percent boost in economic activity, with more business start-ups, more jobs, and more prosperity.
    "It is a win-win for the American people, an idea no conventional politician would have the guts to put forward," Trump said.
    Last month, Trump formed a committee to explore seeking the presidential nomination of the Reform Party, which will automatically be on the ballot in 21 states next year.

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    White House hopefuls.


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    Check out the latest numbers or dig back into the poll archives.

    How much money have the candidates raised? Here are their quarterly reports to the Federal Election Commission.


    Pop quiz

    Bill Mitchell: Pop quiz(11-8-99)
    More 'toons

    Third Party Candidates

    Tuesday, March 14, 2017

    How to get banned on 'Ethika Politika'


    Try commenting on Ethika Politika's

    Anthony M Barr wonders if Trump is Nietzchean

    Hopefully you will have more luck than I did!  This one got removed...:-(,,,,,

    AMB>>>>>>>>>>>For if Trump is truly embracing Nietzsche, “winning” will also mean abandoning those deemed as weak or inferior and suppressing the pity which Christianity calls us to have for those who are marginalized.<<<<<<
    You bring up 'those deemed as weak or inferior" but don't bring up Trump's attack on abortion. What gives?
    Perhaps you are not aware that abortion is modern America's smart bomb for the marginalized e.g........
    -Down Syndrome fetus': aborted in 75% of cases
    -Black fetus' : aborted at 40% of the live birthrate  ( rate almost 3 x that of whites, despite the former's strong cultural abhorrence to abortion)
    I am quite convinced that Kermit Gosnell went unpunished for decades because he was doing the social-darwinist elite's dirty work, i.e. thinning out Philadelphia's black underclass. (PA's Republican Governor Ridge was totally down with that.)
    Help me out here! you don't bring up abortion because
    a. it doesn't fit your 'Trump the Ubermensch' narrative?
    b. you are pro-choice and, like Gov Ridge, have been cheering on the Gosnells of the world?
    c. you are a pacifist and believe Christians are never entitled to push back when elites bulldoze Christian culture.....
    In the clip below Harrison Ford does a good job of pushing back!!

    What am I missing?